Medical Management

Healthcare delivery is reliant on science and technology to provide the latest clinical services and advanced clinical medicine. Changing healthcare environments require physicians to accept administrative and management responsibilities. Physician executives provide these services and oversee clinical care management and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements by following evidence-based medicine guidelines to support patient care such as risk factors and danger signs, specimen collection, diagnosis, pharmacological management, and case management.

MedLink has affiliations with large teaching facilities and universities in both the United Arab Emirates and the United States to provide quality standards and cutting edge knowledge in medicine in the continuous education of medical, post medical, nursing and allied health staff.

We involve medical management in our process of delivering patient care and in coordinating the operation of each hospital. This typically involves a Chief Medical Officer and a Chief Clinical Officer to oversee medical affairs and for establishing and monitoring clinical outcomes and protocols.

We establish guidelines for minimum qualification criteria for the hiring process of physicians, nurses and allied health professionals in accordance with local government criteria or, if these are not present, apply standards that are typical for the hiring of such staff in the UK, US and the Middle East.

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