About Us


Who are we…..
Medlink is headquartered in New York with its branch offices located in UK and UAE. 
At Medlink we focus on one passionate, unrelenting resolve – to provide the safest, most ethical, and reliable medical services and products to the communities we serve. We care about providing the very services and products detailed here because our employees and their families live in the communities we serve.
We have a division dedicated exclusively to the distribution and after sales training and support of some of the world’s leading, most advanced diagnostic tests as well as proven drug and non-drug solutions that treat/eliminate infectious diseases.
We offer a line of services covering accreditation, hospital and clinical management, equipment strategic planning, quality management, healthcare consulting, and continuing medical education and training services to address the ever-growing need for such services across the region.

As an example, Medlink is the exclusive distributor for some of the world’s fastest, most sensitive rt pcr rapid tests. These tests identify if a person has Ebola, MERS Coronavirus, HIV, Hep B, Syphilis, and a host of other nasty viruses and ailments.

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