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“Global Quality Healthcare And Innovative Turnkey Solutions Delivered Locally.”


Our Commitment

operating quality healthcare facilities profitably, maintaining state of the art hospital equipment, and expanding services to meet


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To be a multinational healthcare consultancy firm dedicated to the planning, consultancy and ...;


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we believe in creating a culture in which all employees view their job as a responsibility rather than an...


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Why Choose Us

MedLink in partnership with HMP consultancy successful track record, includes collaboration in more than 50 hospitals and projects spanning countries around the world. MedLink hospital network consists of 31 hospital and healthcare centers, among them 13 operational facilities consisting of 2,000 beds, 2,500 physicians and 4,000 employees which it has indirectly either invested in or currently manages. MedLink has a proven track record of managing human capital and resources by adapting our successful management model in diverse environments and regions of the world which includes a focus on:



Kuwait Police Hospital – Kuwait

MEDLINK participated in conducting a feasibility study, clinical planning, space program, and staff planning for a 500-bed hospital for the Police Force – Ministry of Interior of Kuwait. It encompasses a complete range of Diagnostic and Treatment (D&T) Facilities such as: the Imaging and Radiology Department, Nuclear Medicine and Clinical Laboratory and Pathology to be equipped with the most advanced equipment’s and state of the art latest technology.

Al Amiri Hospital – Kuwait

MEDLINK is involved in the design, construction, equipment, furnishing, commission, and maintenance of Al Amiri Hospital, which is among the very first Secondary Care Multi- specialty General Hospitals in the State of Kuwait. The 450-bed hospital expansion with a Consortium for the Ministry of Health will cover the addition of services and capacity, relocation of services that are currently present in the existing facility, and the renovation of areas within the existing facility. Accordingly, the expansion will house 12 new inpatient units with a total bed capacity of 381 beds inclusive of an ICU and a CCU.

Command Hospital - Calcutta

This is the first Command Hospital to be built as a modern integral hospital. It is built for a bed strength of 603 and was commissioned in the year 1972. The hospital has two major blocks which are eight storeyed and these are located to face south to avail maximum benefit of sea breeze. In all, there are seven blocks which are all interconnected by covered corridors. A separate self-contained three storey building is planned to house Radiation Medicine Centre of the hospital. Six lifts and staircases are placed at strategic places for effective circulation. A ramp going up to the top floor has been provided for added convenience.

Command Hospital - Chandi Mandir

The structure comprises of 8 blocks of heights varying from 2 to 5 storeys and there is a provision for adding one more floor on few of the blocks. Facilities of the hospital are usefully grouped and integrated with an independent identity. Ambulatory, Diagnostics, therapeutics and in-patient care unit of the hospital are interconnected through a network of corridors and vertical circulation.

Naval Hospital - Cochin

The building is conceived as a five storeyed complex with major wings facing north/south. All blocks have central corridor while one block has an additional verandah on one side for additional beds during crisis. No ramp has been provided for vertical circulation as the lifts and staircases were considered to be adequate to handle the traffic. Building has been built in two phases from functional considerations.

Hai Medicare & Research Institute – Patna

A super-speciality multi-disciplinary hospital providing the highest standard of comprehensive health care and a centre of excellence or medical research is an integrated multi-storeyed R.C. framed structure with pile foundation having six floors equipped with 6 lifts and 4 dumb waiter placed at strategic points for efficient circulation and a ramp going upto top floor. It is located on Baily Road about a distance of a KM from Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences.

Military Hospital - Gurdaspur

Design of this hospital is conceived in two storeys with a space module of 6.5 x 5.2 metres to achieve compatibility between room dimensions, structure and services. It is a symmetrical building with two ‘U’ shaped modular ward blocks and a compact octagonal block housing supporting ambulatory, diagnostic and therapeutic facilities. All the blocks are interconnected for functional efficiency. The in-patient nursing units have the North-south orientation and commanding view of open spaces. A driveway between the octagonal block and Ward units is a unique feature of the design which provides self-guided entry to in-patients, visitors and ambulatory patients.

Referral & Research Hospital - Delhi Cantt

The Hospital is a superb Medical Institute for Armed Forces to cover wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic facilities in the field of medicine and surgery. The Hospital design is evolved as an integral five storey and partially underground structure planned to create functional environment for different human activities and efficient working conditions. Hospital has 38 in-patient nursing units and 29 super speciality departments. To satisfy the requirement of internal traffic movement, two horizontal hospital streets offer uninterrupted flow of patient, staff, visitors and supplies along the wards from OPD Block to Services Blocks.

Yas Comprehensive Medical Community (YCMC) - UAE

MEDLINK is instrumental in the planning and development of YCMC that comes in line with the vision set by the leaders of the UAE in general, and the leadership of Abu Dhabi in particular. The Board of Directors of YCMC envision realizing a private, for profit, medical community, which along the scope of services it provides, becomes the provider of choice for its target markets and a true alternative to overseas treatment. Planned to be realized in phases, and in addition to the healthcare cluster, the development envisions a hospitality cluster, a housing cluster, as well as a wellness cluster.
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